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Your vacation to a Las Vegas casino or a night out on the town at one of its famous buffets can turn into a nightmare if you slip and fall and suffer a hip fracture. Unfortunately, broken hip bones are common when people slip and fall and can result in long-term pain and lengthy, expensive medical treatments.

3 Types of Treatment You Could Need if You Broke Your Hip

If you suffered a fractured hip bone, you will need emergency medical care. Treatments that may be required include the following:


Hip fractures often requires surgery. Surgery options include inserting metal screws to hold the bones together while they heal, or performing a partial or total hip replacement. With a partial hip replacement, the head and neck of the femur is replaced with a metal prosthesis. In a total hip replacement, your upper femur and the socket in your pelvic bone are removed, and a metal prosthesis is installed.


Physical therapy may begin the day after your surgery to increase your range of motion and strengthen the hip area. Depending on the surgery needed, you may need to go to an extended treatment facility after you are released from the hospital. Whether you return home or go to another facility, you will need additional physical therapy and occupational therapy to help you regain the ability to perform your day-to-day activities, such as using the toilet, bathing, getting dressed, and cooking.


Because people risk another hip fracture within two years of the first one, bisphosphonates—a class of drugs to prevent osteoporosis—may be prescribed. You may also need pain medication after your surgery to manage your pain.

Treatments for a broken hip can be expensive and may be needed for many months or years. However, you may be entitled to compensation from the person or business whose negligence caused your fall.

Have You Been Injured In A Henderson Slip and Fall Accident?

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