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Representing injured victims throughout Henderson and the surrounding Las Vegas area since 1993.
Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones Wilson.

One of the distinguishing factors of personal injury attorneys is the use of the contingency fee. These fees allow attorneys to take cases which require a significant amount of work while allowing the client to avoid high retainers and monthly attorney bills. The contingency fee also allocates risk between the client and the attorney.  The attorney understands his fee is “contingent” upon winning/settling the case. If the client does not recover, the attorney will not get paid. This forces the attorney to be selective about the cases he or she takes knowing that a bad case will result not only in not getting paid, but also having a dissatisfied client.

In over twenty-five years of practice I have noted that some clients have difficulty trusting my advice when I recommend settlement below how they value the case. My valuation is based upon significant prior experience with many jury trials, arbitration and settlements. The contingency fee has a built-in safeguard to ensure the attorney works hard for the client. The more the client makes the more the attorney makes.  However, as with most reputable personal injury attorneys, I am worried more about protecting the client than I am about getting a fee.  As I have told clients on many occasions, “I will have other cases, you may not.” My worst fear is a client who is truly injured who refuses to take my advice. I have seen good cases go to trial with juries who are unsympathetic or biased against the plaintiff for whatever reason. The plaintiff turned down a significant settlement offer only to walk away from trial or arbitration with nothing. This is by far my biggest fear as a personal injury attorney.

How Is Jones Wilson Different Than Other Personal Injury Lawyers?

I suppose there are attorneys out there who take personal injury cases to make quick money and get out.  These attorneys don’t last for obvious reasons. I have been in Southern Nevada my entire life and I plan to make Henderson my home for the remainder of my career. I have no interest in acting against my clients’ interests. I hope that I have built a reputation of being a trustworthy personal injury attorney who puts his clients (not his fee) first.  At Jones Wilson LLP, we want to elevate the experience of the client and provide the best possible legal counsel we can. 

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