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With people’s busy lifestyles, many resort to eating and drinking their meals or snacks in the car while on their way to work, to pick up their kids or get them to their next activity, or while doing their day-to-day activities. Not only is it healthier to slow down and eat a meal in a more relaxed setting, it is also safer. Drinking and eating in the car while driving is a dangerous form of distracted driving. According to, 3,154 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2013.

Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks to Consume While Driving

Eating and drinking anything while driving can cause people to take their thoughts and eyes off the road, but there are some foods that pose a particular risk. The following types of food and drink are most risky:

Hot drinks.

Hot drinks like coffee and soups can cause serious and distracting injuries. In addition, when liquids drip onto a person’s clothing, he can become more concerned about not staining his clothes and forget the attention he needs to focus on his driving.

Fried foods and pizza.

Foods like fried chicken and pizza are greasy—especially if purchased at a fast-food restaurant. This can cause a person with greasy fingers to lose his grip on a steering wheel or gear stick.

Crumbs and dropped foods.

Like with drinks, a person who spilled crumbs and bits of food on his clothes could be worried more about his clothes than keeping his eyes on the road.

According to an informal study conducted by classic car insurer Hagerty Classic Insurance, the following foods are the biggest offenders:

  1. Coffee
  2. Hot soupHenderson Car Accident Attorneys Jones Wilson
  3. Tacos
  4. Chili
  5. Hamburgers
  6. Barbecued foods
  7. Fried chicken
  8. Donuts filled with jelly or cream
  9. Soft drinks
  10. Chocolate

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