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Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonYou or a loved one could suffer catastrophic injuries in a car accident at one of Henderson’s most dangerous intersections, such as Southeastern Ave. and St. Rose Parkway, or on your way for a fun night at the casino in nearby Las Vegas. When a negligent driver is the cause of your wreck, you expect his insurance company to treat you fairly. Unfortunately, you may find reality to be the opposite of this, and you may have to fight just to get basic information from the insurance adjuster—like the amount of insurance coverage the driver has.

Why Do You Need to Know How Much Liability Insurance the Other Driver Has?

In Nevada, a negligent driver is fully responsible for compensating the victims of an accident he causes. However, the practical reality is that most people do not have sufficient assets other than their auto liability insurance coverage to pay a victim what is owed. In addition, the insurance company is only responsible for paying up to the policy limits purchased by the negligent driver.

You need to know the insurance policy limits so that you are certain that you receive the maximum possible settlement. In addition, once you know this information, you can make a decision on whether you need to file an underinsured motorist or collision claim under your own policy if you purchased these coverages.

What If the Insurance Adjuster Won’t Provide Liability Coverage Information?

Why won’t the insurance adjuster tell you how much liability coverage there is to compensate you for your injuries? He may refuse to give you this information to wear you down and try to get you to forget pursuing your claim or to accept less than you are owed. Don’t make the mistake of falling for this tactic. Take these steps to find out yourself:

  1. Ask the driver. Unless his insurance adjuster instructed him not to tell you this, he may voluntarily give you this information.
  2. Write the insurance company a letter and demand this information. Be sure to keep a copy of this letter for your records.
  3. Ask your insurance company for help. If you are filing a claim under your collision or car rental coverage, your insurance adjuster may need to contact the negligent party’s adjuster anyway and may be willing to do so on your behalf.
  4. Retain an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible. He can take over communications with the insurance adjuster, try to obtain the liability coverage amount, negotiate your settlement, and file a lawsuit if necessary.

Have You Been Involved In A Henderson Or Las Vegas Car Accident?

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