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Control your bicycle

Maintain the bike upright while riding on the highway and be in control. The size of the bicycle should match the rider. It should also be adjusted to the rider’s preference, comfort and ability.

Open Communication

You must know how to communicate and share your intention with the others sharing the road. Using hand signals will help alert motorists around you that you are making a left or right turn.

Open Visibility

Make yourself visible. Wear a vest with reflectors or place them on your bicycle so that motorists have open visibility to where you are on the road. It’s good to brush up on the requirements in your location for proper signaling.

Wear Proper Equipment

To reduce any risk of injury wear a helmet, knee pads, and other protective equipment. For anyone under the age of 18 in most states it is illegal to ride a bike on the road without wearing a helmet. For those over 18, it is a very smart and recommended option!

Direction Matters

Always ride the same direction as traffic. This can reduce the risk of colliding with a motorist. It also helps those who are entering the roadway to identify you immediately.

There are many more tips that can be added such as avoiding road hazards, how to slow down in traffic, how to cross traffic, among others. Traffic laws are put in place to help everyone progress to their destination in a proper manner. Bicyclists and motorists must obey all of the traffic laws while on the road to ensure safety. This means that when the light turns red, a bicyclist has to stop just like the car in front or behind it. Even though speed on a bicycle is powered by the human riding it, speed limits apply as well. If a rural area has a speed of 15, you have to abide by it as a bicyclist as well. The bicycle traffic laws should always be abided by to protect bicyclists and those they share the road with. 

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