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There are definitely different levels of ability and competence among personal injury attorneys.  However, the most important attribute of an attorney is someone who knows you and your case.  Attorneys are also known as “advocates.”  They advocate for you before judges, juries, arbitrators and especially insurance adjusters.  The vast majority of attorneys know the law and likely the right arguments to make on your behalf.  What sways juries and gives your case value as compared with another nearly identical case is whether the insurance adjuster, juror or judge can relate to you and your situation.  For that reason it is imperative that your attorney be hands-on while handling your case.  If your attorney doesn’t know you, doesn’t understand the circumstances of your auto accident, and doesn’t understand your injuries and the way they have impacted your life, they cannot successfully advocate for you in or out of court. 

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The Importance Of Truly Knowing Your Personal Injury Clients

There are a number of personal injury attorneys who never meet their clients and don’t know the first thing about them.  While they might be able to make the right arguments, they are not prepared to tell your story.  To maximize the value of your case your attorney needs to know you and how the accident has impacted you.  He needs to be able to make connections between you and the jury.  He needs to portray you to the insurance adjuster as someone a jury would relate to and want to help.  By allowing people to see who you are you become someone they know – their sister/neighbor/co-worker/friend.  When you become a “real person” and not just a name on letterhead you can strike fear in the heart of an insurance adjuster.  They know and understand you are the kind of person a juror will want to help and compensate for their injuries.  That will lead to a bigger personal injury settlement.

It Goes Both Ways. You Need To Understand Who Your Personal Injury Attorney Is

In selecting a personal injury attorney for your auto accident case make sure you are not going to an office where you will never meet or get to know your attorney.  At Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers you will not only meet with an attorney, your case will be handled throughout by that attorney.  Your questions will be answered and you will have an opportunity to spend all the time you need telling your story.  We love our clients and we want to be there for you to help with your auto accident case, and every legal need in the future.  We want to be your lawyer.  If you show up to meet with an attorney for an automobile case and you never get to meet the lawyer, don’t sign with that firm!  You need a lawyer who knows you and is prepared to help you tell your story and maximize you recovery in your personal injury case.  At Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers, we will take the time to know you to be able to tell your story and help you receive the justice you deserve.

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