Las Vegas Car Accident | One-Year-Old Ejected From Seat

Many people consider Friday the 13th—“Black Friday,” as it’s sometimes known—to be an unlucky day. Unfortunately, one Las Vegas family simultaneously experienced firsthand a true horror and an unexpected miracle during the last hours of this unlucky day.

At approximately 9:20 pm Friday night, two cars collided at the intersection of West Lake Mead Boulevard and Rock Springs Drive, near US Route 95. Although the drivers were unharmed, a one-year-old passenger was forcefully thrown from the back seat of one of the cars. Miraculously, the child survived the force and impact of the ejection and was transported to the Pediatric Center of the University Medical Center.

Although the Metro Police watch commander stated that the child appeared to be conscious at the time of transport, he was not privy to the child’s condition or extent of injuries

In general, collision ejections occur as a result of high speeds, the lack of restraints, and severe impact force, causing the victim to be pushed or thrown through a window. As a result of such force, collision ejections are usually fatal. Now, considering the fragility of a one-year-old’s body, surviving the ejection is definitely miraculous. However, as the child’s condition is still unknown, and treatment is still ongoing at UMC Peds, the infant isn’t out of the woods yet. Complications could still potentially arise causing severe if not fatal effects, especially if the accident caused any head, neck, or spinal injuries.

It is unknown whether the child was properly restrained at the time of the accident, or what exactly occurred to cause the ejection. However, hopes are high for a recovery due to the fact that the infant remained conscious during the incident as well as during transport.

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