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If you break a leg in a slip and fall accident at a casino or food buffet in Las Vegas, you may not think it’s a serious injury. However, broken bones may require more than a cast and crutches. Even if your recovery is quick, it can take years for your body to rebuild the broken bone into its original size and shape.

Common Treatments for Broken Bones

If you break a bone, the type of treatment you’ll require depends on which bone was affected and the severity of the injury. The first step with most broken bones is to immobilize the bone and stabilize it, and usually you’ll need emergency medical care. You may also need medication to minimize the pain. Common treatments for a broken bone include:


The broken bone is manipulated into its proper position before a cast is applied to keep the bones from moving. A splint may replace the cast once the swelling has decreased.


If the fracture has broken through the skin, you may be given antibiotics to prevent infection.

External fixation.

This involves setting pins and wires into the bone through the skin. Once the bone heals, the pins and wires can be removed.


If the fracture is serious, you may need surgery to repair it. Metal rods, wires, or screws may be inserted to hold the bones together.

Physical therapy.

Treatment usually includes physical therapy to prevent joint weakness and to strengthen the muscles that will become weak from lack of use.

Have You Been Injured In A Henderson Slip and Fall Accident?

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