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Dedicated to helping injury victims in the Henderson and Las Vegas area receive the settlement they deserve.

Many accidents happen on the roadway, but many happen off. When a personal injury is experienced because of another person’s negligence, the injured individual may be able to receive compensation. Although, those who commit negligence or some act that caused the injury, often deny their part in the accident. Other times your insurance company will only offer you a small fraction of what you should be entitled to for your recovery.

By hiring a personal injury lawyer that has years of experience you will be informed of the rights you have and also receive protection for those rights. There are several things to look for when you hire a personal attorney.

  1. Right Attorney for The Right Claim – all of the pretty billboard advertisements and fancy newspaper ads are a great way of marketing, but can they really address all claims? Specific claims call for the right attorney. Some attorneys might specialize in many, but not all areas if there are many attorneys in the practice.
  2. The Success of the Attorney – a proven history of success is mandatory when searching for an attorney. The number of cases won, brought to trial, and lost plays a major role in selecting the right attorney. You wouldn’t want an attorney representing you that has only carried two cases to trail and lost both.
  3. The Fees – Ask for an upfront estimate of the fees that you will incur when hiring the attorney. Some attorneys will ask for a percentage fee only upon winning the case. If the case is not won, no money is owed. If you are speaking with an attorney such as this, ask about the attorney fee percentage upon winning your case.
  4. Years of Experience – Asking things about your attorney like where they received their law degree or how many years they’ve been in practice is a good start to learning about them and if they’re right for your case.
  5. Personality – You could be spending a lot of time with your attorney, depending on your situation. Make sure that you feel comfortable working with and trusting the attorney who will represent you.


There are several personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas to choose from, but when dealing with specific claims, Jones Wilson has you covered. We specialize in personal injuries that include aviation, auto, boating, bicycle, water-craft, motorcycle, back, neck, spine, casino, negligent security, sexual abuse, tractor-trailer, slip and fall, or wrongful death. If your personal injury claim falls under one of these categories, we can help you get exactly what you deserve. We proudly serve Henderson and the surrounding Las Vegas area.

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