Henderson Car Accident Lawyers Jones WilsonNot all car accident cases require the services of an accident reconstruction expert. However, if how your crash occurred is in dispute or you and the other driver have different versions of the events, you may need this type of expert. An accident reconstruction expert can be helpful by doing the following:

  • Evaluating the accident scene
  • Determining the speeds and movements of the vehicles
  • Developing a reenactment of the wreck
  • Drawing conclusions as to the cause of the crash
  • Issuing a report and testifying as necessary in trial or for the insurance company

How Accidents Are Reconstructed

In choosing an accident reconstruction expert, you are looking for someone who has credentials, ample experience, and a good reputation in his field. These experts generally have training in science, engineering, or law enforcement with additional course studies. To reconstruct your crash, an accident reconstruction expert will investigate the scene and then analyze the findings. His investigation could include:

  • Inspecting the scene of the crash
  • Photographing and videotaping the accident scene
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Reviewing the police report
  • Inspecting the vehicles
  • Evaluating vehicle, human, and environmental factors contributing to the crash
  • Assessing problems with visibility, road signs, signals, or other road conditions

Using the evidence collected, the accident reconstruction expert will create different scenarios of how your accident could have occurred. He would do this by creating models, recreating the accident, and building computer simulations. His analysis could include:

  • Risk analysis
  • Determination of any actions either driver could have taken to avoid the crash or reduce the severity of the injuries it caused
  • Analysis of the injuries and how the passengers moved or were ejected during the accident
  • Determination of driver errors that caused the crash
  • Finalization of his investigation, analysis, and conclusions in a written report

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