Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonYour first appointment with your slip and fall attorney is an important one, and you have two goals to accomplish. First, you want advice on whether you have a case against the negligent business or property owner who caused your injuries and the value of your case. Second, you need to learn about the attorney and his communication skills to decide if he is the attorney you trust and want to hire. Being prepared for this appointment is crucial to making it productive.

Take These Steps to Be Organized for Your First Appointment

If you do not have the facts straight as to what happened or the documents that support your claim, the attorney will not be able to give you much advice at this appointment. Take these steps to prepare for your meeting:

Complete the questionnaire.

Some attorneys will ask you to complete a questionnaire before your appointment. You should do so to give the attorney basic information about you and your accident to evaluate the strength of your case.

Contact information.

Your attorney will need your contact information, so prepare a sheet with your basic information prior to your appointment—even if he has not requested it.

Key facts.

Your attorney will want to know about your accident. In the excitement of telling their story, many people leave out key facts or give a choppy presentation. Think about your accident in chronological fashion and the important facts you want to convey so it makes sense to the attorney.


You will want to bring important documents to your appointment whether the attorney asks for them or not. Documents to gather include the accident report, medical bills, medical records, pictures of the accident scene and your injuries, claims you filed, and correspondence with any insurance companies. Your attorney may request additional documents.

A list of questions.

At the beginning of your appointment, you want to advise the attorney that you have some questions so he leaves time for this. Come to the meeting with a list. Things you want to know include his experience handling similar cases, his success rate, how many cases he took to trial, who will be handling your case, how he communicates with you, and how easy he is to reach.

Have You Been Injured In A Henderson Slip and Fall Accident?

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