You may not realize that Las Vegas casinos, restaurant buffets, and slippery mall floors can create serious risks of slip and fall accidents, and these accidents can cause fractured bone injuries. If you break a bone in your spine, shoulder, or hip, you may require surgery to repair the damaged bone, and you may need months of rehabilitation before you can resume your normal activities.

Common Types of Fractured Bones

A bone fracture can range from a small crack to a complete break. Common types of bone fractures you can suffer from a slip and fall include:


This is an incomplete fracture, and it occurs most often in children. The bone will bend and crack but not break completely.  


This fracture occurs when the continuity of the bone is broken.  


A compression fracture occurs when the bone completely collapses. This is most common in the bones in the spine.


In an open fracture, the broken bone breaks through the victim’s skin.


This is a fracture where the bone breaks in more than one place.
Symptoms of a bone fracture can include swelling or bruising, pain in the injured area that worsens with use, and loss of function. It is important to seek prompt medical treatment for a severe fracture to avoid serious complications such as infection or damage to blood vessels or nerves. Treatment for fractured bones may involve immobilizing the broken bone, taking medication to manage the pain, and surgery if the fracture is severe.

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