How many times a day do you stumble over “nothing,” or catch yourself before face-planting into the floor? How many bruises have you gotten as a result of a trip and fall? Do you really think that your injuries are all your fault?

You may be mistaken.

There are many people, just like you, who label themselves as clumsy or klutzy, and blame themselves for falling injuries. However, although you may not realize it at the time, there is usually a reason for why you fall. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, floors and flooring problems contribute to nearly two million slip and fall accidents every year. In addition to poor flooring, debris, spills, and negligent maintenance also factor into the cause of numerous slip and fall injuries every year. Although many of these injuries are minor, some accidents can cause catastrophic and costly injuries such as sprains, fractures, and spinal cord and brain damage.

So, if the fall isn’t your fault, what can you do? Can you get compensation for your injuries? If so, do you need a lawyer?

What an Experienced Lawyer Can Do for You

Slip and fall claims can be extremely frustrating and difficult to pursue on your own. Insurance companies will try everything in their power to discredit your claim, as well as try to confuse and manipulate you into accepting a pitiful settlement. This is why it is important to have experienced representation, not only to help ensure your compensation, but to also preserve your sanity.

Insurance companies can be geniuses when it comes to exploiting sensitive victims of slip and fall accidents. However, they’re not too keen on using trade tricks against experienced lawyers, because they know they won’t work.

In addition to leveling the playing field, slip and fall lawyers can help…

  • Determine who’s at fault for the injury and find proof of liability. For instance, liability for a broken sidewalk could fall on a store owner or on the local government.
  • Ensure your claim is properly filled out before filing.
  • Research and gather the necessary evidence and information needed for your claim.
  • Set up a power of attorney in case of brain damage or incapacitation. Without a legal power of attorney or court-ordered guardianship, no one—not even a spouse, parent (if you’re over 18), or another family member—has the legal authority to sign your signature or make medical decisions.
  • Handle guardianship and competency issues.
  • Fight tooth and nail to make sure you get the best settlement your injury deserves.
  • Provide support and information throughout the entirety of your case.
  • Give you the comfort and security that comes from knowing you’re in good hands.

Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of by a greedy insurance company. Let us fight for you, your family, and the justice your injury deserves.

When You Suffer, Know Where to Turn

After you’ve been seen by a doctor, and your injuries fully diagnosed, your next plan of action should be to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney. Being injured should not mean that insurance companies get the upper hand. There is absolutely no reason for an insurer to be able to take advantage of your condition, especially when you can have someone looking out for you. Allow us to be your support and fight for the financial security and treatment you deserve.

We can guide you through the injury claim process step-by-step and support you throughout the way. We’ll not work hard to obtain the compensation you need for your treatment, but also to make sure you remain confident and strong in order to get the justice you deserve.

Have You Been Injured In A Henderson Slip and Fall Accident?

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