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Serious Bone Fractures in a Slip and Fall Accident Could Require Surgery

If you suffer a broken bone because of a slip and fall accident, having the bone set in a cast and physical therapy may not be sufficient to get you back on your feet. When the broken bone does not heal properly or there is a compound fracture—which is common for wrist or ankle fractures—you could need surgery. It’s possible to face a long recovery period and additional surgeries to repair the damage.

Surgery Options for Fractured Bones

There are several different surgery options depending on the severity of the bone fracture. Common treatments include the following:

  • Setting the bone. When the bone is severely displaced or misaligned, it may be too painful for the patient to have the bone set without an anesthetic. In this case, the procedure is done in the operating room.
  • Metal hardware. Screws, pins, plates, or nails are often used to secure broken bones in place. They can be used permanently or temporarily. If they are only temporary, an additional surgery is required to remove the hardware.
  • Bone graft. When the bone is shattered into fragments, the person could need a bone graft to replace the parts of the bone that were lost. The person’s hip bone or a donor’s bone is often used in this procedure.
  • Blood vessel repair. If arteries or nerves were injured, surgery could be required to repair them.
  • Open fracture treatment. If the bone has pierced the skin, the bone ends need to be washed with a sterile fluid in the operating room to prevent infection. This may be done multiple times if the bone end becomes dirty or infected.


The bone would most likely be placed in a cast after surgery. As with any surgical procedure, a patient faces risks of complications. Possible complications include reaction to the anesthesia, bleeding, blot clots, infection, and damage to the nerves, tendons, and vessels.

If you suffered a broken bone or other injury in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and more from the person or business responsible for your fall. Check out our testimonials to learn how we’ve helped people like you.


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