5 Myths of Automobile Insurance

In over 30 years of personal injury litigation practice, one thing we’ve seen over and over again has been the failure of clients to understand how their health and automobile insurance actually work.

Our clients are constantly looking to the wrong sources for information about how to best utilize the valuable resource at their disposal and often leave money on the table. The relationship between health insurance—and the first and third-party automotive insurance policies—can have a dramatic effect on a claim following a car accident. Having a solid understanding as to how these insurance policies function and connect to one another will better allow you to make informed decisions on use of your insurance.

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We’ve put together this guide to help people just like you make sure that their legal rights are protected. Download your free copy today to learn about the five most common myths about insurance, and how to not be misinformed.

For Instance, Did You Know:

  • That insurance agents don’t know as much as they claim to?

  • That liability insurance my not be enough, even with health insurance?

  • What “full coverage” really means?

In this free book we cover more of the insurance myths that get perpetuated, and also provide guidance designed to help you successfully navigate dealing with the insurance companies after a car accident. Fill out the form on this page to get your copy!

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