It has been a few years now, but I was driving my truck near the Las Vegas strip, when a large 18 wheeler style tractor trailer struck my vehicle.  The impact was not severe, and I thought I would be able to deal with my injuries through some chipractic care. However, I experienced near paralysis as a result of a damaged disc in my spine that did not fully show signs of damage for several weeks after the collision. The insurance company immediately began arguing that given the delay my back injury could not have come from the tractor-trailer collision.

I was referred to the lawyers of Jones Wilson, LLP., and Justin Wilson and Cory Jones were able to help me get the medical treatment I needed to fully deal with the spinal damage the collision caused. They were also instrumental in taking care of me, and my family, as we went through the litigation process trying to establish the causal connection between my injuries and the collision, and placing a value on those injuries. We were able to resolve the case without a trial, and if it wasn't for them, I never would have made it. They were really there for me, and for that I am very grateful.  

In fact, because of their great work it was easy for me to refer my daughter to them to provide help for her when she was involved in her own  motor vehicle collision a couple years later.  I am so thankful I was referred to them, and I would be willing to refer them to anyone.  Thank you Justin and Cory, and the entire staff of Jones Wilson, LLP.


Mike O.