If you are involved in an accident, there are three things you must do to protect yourself.

Obtain information at the accident scene.

Make sure you obtain the identity of all the individuals involved in the accident and get their insurance information. Identify any witnesses favorable to your position and get their contact information. With a phone or camera, document the evidence at the scene including the location of the vehicles and damages to the other vehicles involved in the accident.

Seek immediate medical attention.

If you are experiencing symptoms following an accident, go to the emergency room. If you don’t feel the need for immediate treatment, go see a medical professional as soon as possible. Pain often doesn’t begin until the hours and days after an accident.

Seek out legal counsel.

You’ll begin to receive telephone calls almost immediately after the accident from the other driver’s insurance company. You are not prepared to speak with them on your own. You should consult with an attorney. And if you have a vital case, retain an attorney before proceeding on your own.

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