Slip and fall incidents are notoriously difficult to litigate because there are so many issues that come up. Following a fall in a public place, most people report being so embarrassed that they immediately try and get up and leave the building in order to escape the situation – not realizing they have been seriously injured and failed to document anything by way of evidence. When a fall takes place, you need to do your best to get past the issues of embarrassment and take control of your claim. You cannot assume there is video footage of your fall, and you need to grab your cell phone and photograph or video whatever the substance is that you slipped on.

A slip and fall incident requires the victim to establish the dangerous condition that you fell on, so you need to do your best to get the photographs and video of the area and the substance so that we can evaluate those issues. You also need to advise the store manager about your fall so they can document the incident and create a record of your fall. After getting any needed emergency medical attention, you need to consult with an attorney so that steps can be taken to preserve any video evidence within the store. The longer he delay, the more likely the company will have to destroy any video evidence of your fall. By being active, you can do a lot to help preserve the evidence and increase your chances for a successful slip and fall claim.

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