4 Medical Treatments You Could Receive to Improve the Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica occurs when severe pain travels from the sciatic nerve in the lower back down the body to the legs. Medical conditions like a herniated disk, internal bleeding, and spinal stenosis caused by a serious car crash, slip and fall, or other accident can develop into this debilitating disorder. A person can experience constant extreme pain in one leg or the buttock, sudden electrical shock or excruciating pain, and a numbness or weakness in the affected leg or foot.

Treatments That Could Help Your Symptoms

If your symptoms do not lessen on their own, you will need additional medical care to reduce them. Common treatments your doctor could prescribe include:


There is a wide range of drugs to treat sciatica, and some are quite powerful. You could be given anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, narcotics, certain antidepressants, or anti-seizure medications.

Physical therapy.

Once your acute pain is brought under control, you could work with a physical therapist to help you correct your posture, strengthen the muscles supporting your back, and improve your flexibility—helpful in reducing future injuries too.

Steroid injections.

Corticosteroid injections near the affected nerve root can reduce the pain by reducing the inflammation in the root.


Surgery could be needed to remove a bone spur or herniated disk that is pressing on a pinched nerve. It is usually done if you are experiencing considerable weakness, loss of bowel or bladder control, or chronic pain that does not improve with other therapies. 

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