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Many Henderson residents, as well as out-of-state guests here for business and pleasure, find walking easier than driving to get to many destinations. Unfortunately, walking can be dangerous in the henderson area because of heavy traffic, tourist drivers who are unfamiliar with the area, and motorists who are trying to beat the lights and cut corners. Pedestrian accidents are very common here, and victims frequently suffer catastrophic injuries or death.

If you or a family member was injured in a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our skilled and dedicated lawyers are committed to aggressively fighting so that you receive all the compensation you deserve for your losses. Call our Henderson office today to schedule a free consultation and learn why we are the right attorneys for you.

Causes of Henderson Taxi and Rideshare Accidents

Since taxi, Uber, and Lyft drivers can earn more money by completing multiple trips in a short amount of time, they may take risks that endanger their passengers. When drivers engage in unsafe practices and make poor choices, it is their passengers who pay the price when a crash occurs. Common causes of rideshare and taxicab collisions:


Parties That May Be Held Accountable for Taxi or Rideshare Accident Injuries

There are a number of potentially liable parties in taxi or rideshare accidents. Identifying all the responsible parties is crucial to ensuring that you receive all the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. Liable parties may include:

  • Taxi driver
  • Rideshare driver
  • Other drivers who were partially or entirely at fault in causing the crash
  • Taxicab company
  • Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare company
  • Manufacturers of the vehicle or its parts if a defect caused the wreck

Our experienced rideshare accident attorneys will investigate what happened in your crash to identify all possible liable parties.


Uber and Lyft Insurance Policy Coverage

Determining whether Uber’s or Lyft’s insurance will cover a passenger who is injured in a crash caused by one of their drivers is complicated. In part, it depends on which phase of activity the driver was in at the time of the crash:

  • ​Phase 1: The driver is logged on and ready to accept passengers.
  • Phase 2: The driver has accepted a passenger’s request and is on the way to pick them up.
  • Phase 3: The driver is taking a passenger to their destination.

If the driver is not logged into the rideshare app when an accident occurs, they are not considered to be driving for Uber or Lyft. In this case, the company would not be responsible for compensating an injured crash victim.

Under Nevada law, rideshare companies are required to supply insurance to drivers who are providing transportation services. The amount of coverage will depend on the driver’s phase of activity. Following are the minimum required insurance amounts:

  • Phase 1: $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident for personal injuries and $25,000 for property damage
  • Phases 2 and 3: $1.5 million for personal injuries or property damage per accident, which is more than the $1 million in coverage that Uber and Lyft provide in other states

In addition, Uber provides $1 million in uninsured and underinsured insurance coverage per accident. This coverage applies to accident injuries that occur when another driver is at fault, and they are uninsured or don’t have enough insurance.

Taxi Insurance Coverage

Taxicab companies are also required to provide a minimum amount of insurance coverage if their drivers cause a taxi accident. They must provide $250,000 per person for personal injuries and $500,000 per accident in coverage. Their insurance policy must also cover $50,000 in property damage per accident.

Five Steps to Take After a Taxi or Rideshare Accident

Unfortunately, the insurance company for the negligent party may not agree to pay you what you are owed even if their driver’s negligence is clear-cut. If you are injured in a taxi or rideshare crash, take the following steps to protect your legal rights:

  • Seek prompt medical care for your injuries.
  • Contact the police and obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Obtain contact information for all drivers, their insurance companies, and witnesses to your crash.
  • Take pictures of the damage to the vehicles, the accident scene, weather conditions, your injuries, and anything else you believe would be helpful.
  • Retain an experienced taxi and rideshare lawyer to collect the evidence you need, file your claim, and negotiate your settlement with the insurance company.


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