Speed Related Car Accidents And Statistics. Let’s Keep Henderson Safe From Car Crashes.

In our combined nearly 50 years of practicing personal injury law we have handled thousands of Henderson area auto accidents. In nearly every accident, speed is a factor. Our advice to our family and friends is always the same – SLOW DOWN!
Jones Wilson Law Speeding Causes Car Accidents
Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes. The economic cost to society of speed-related crashes is estimated by the NHTSA to be $40.4 billion per year, or $1,281 per second. Speeding is a contributing factor in about 31 percent of all fatal crashes, and about 11,674 lives are lost annually in speeding-related crashes.

Last year 373 people in Nevada were killed in traffic related crashes in just one year. Of those, 97 were speeding related. That means almost 100 people lost their lives because someone was basically in a hurry. Your need to get somewhere on time is never going to outweigh the life of another person.

Young men complain about their insurance rates but there is a good reason for the high price of car insurance. For drivers involved in fatal crashes, young males are the most likely to be speeding. The relative proportion of speeding-related crashes to all crashes decreases with increasing driver age.

Actual reaction time of an average driver is generally between 1 and 1.5 seconds.

At 60 miles per hour, the force you produce is 4 times greater than at 30 miles per hour. Consider how much roadway you need to stop your car at different speeds.

At 25 MPH – 62 feet.

At 35 MPH – 125 feet.

At 55 miles an hour, it takes you 228 feet to stop the car.

Bottom line, give yourself enough space to avoid a car accident and slow down to a speed which is safe for the existing road conditions. In the unfortunate event that someone ignores these simple rules and you are injured in a car accident related to speed, Jones Wilson is ready to step in and help you with the aftermath.

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