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The Impacts of Catastrophic Injuries

In many cases, the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident are significant but temporary.  Many people injured in motor vehicles and other accidents obtain a nearly complete recovery.  However, there are injuries that are sometimes deemed “catastrophic,” which alter the remainder of the injured victim’s life.  These include spinal cord injuries, which leave the injured person with para- or quadriplegia.  They can result in the loss of a limb, eye, or other body parts, which permanently impacts a person’s life.  Injuries of this nature are so significant that they completely alter the course of the injured person’s life.

Catastrophic injuries can impact a person’s activities of daily living.  They may be wheelchair-bound or unable to walk without an assistive device.  They may require frequent or constant care from others.  They can lose their ability to be independent, which is itself catastrophic.  These injuries are difficult to quantify due to the ways they impact a person’s life in very unique and specific ways.

Challenges with Insurance Companies 

One of the biggest challenges in these cases is helping the insurance company understand and appreciate the scope of the injury.  One way this is done is to prepare a “day in the life” video.  It is important to let the insurance company know what challenges the person endures on a daily basis.  Normal activities like bathing, dressing and eating become monumental hurdles.  

Life Becomes Different When You Suffer a Catastrophic Injury

The indignity which often accompanies the loss of independence is difficult to appreciate without really understanding the minute-to-minute impact a catastrophic injury can cause. These are also nearly always accompanied by a lifetime of significant medical care, loss of earnings for the remainder of the person’s work life, a shortened life expectancy, and damages associated with the loss of enjoyment of life (hedonic damages). 

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Catastrophic injury cases require an attorney with experience in demonstrating the incredible losses sustained due to the negligence of another driver or property owner. Following a catastrophic injury, it is important to retain an attorney who will fight to obtain as much compensation as possible to restore all that has been lost.