Top Ways You Could Be Injured in a Taxi Collision in Henderson

taxi sign on top of a taxicab Jones Wilson LawHenderson is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to Las Vegas and many fun attractions in or near our city, like the Discovery Children’s Museum, Adventuredome Theme Park, and the Water Street District. Because of this, taxis are a popular form of transportation for business travelers and vacationers, as well as local residents.

Unfortunately, taking a cab can be anything but relaxing if the driver gets into a crash and causes you to suffer serious injuries or a family member’s death.

How You Could Be the Victim of a Taxi Accident in Henderson

There are many causes of taxicab crashes that injure and kill passengers. While these collisions are sometimes caused by drivers of other vehicles, sometimes the cab driver is the negligent party. Here are some of the reasons these accidents occur:


Drivers who are in a hurry to transport their passengers to their destination so they can pick up another rider may speed to make the trip go faster. When speeding, it will take them longer to slow down and stop when necessary due to traffic conditions, making it more likely that they will cause a crash. Because the force of impact is greater when the driver is speeding, passengers can suffer catastrophic injuries or death.

Unsafe Lane Changes.

Cab drivers may make unsafe lane changes or aggressively weave between lanes to try to get through congested traffic. This can be especially dangerous when they are driving on the highway to the airport or another destination.

Distracted Driving.

Talking on a cellphone or texting to make arrangements for the next passenger when driving is dangerous, but many cabbies do it. Other distracted driving practices that lead to accidents include eating and drinking, looking at a GPS, and talking to passengers.


Many driving skills, such as reaction time, vision, and judgment, are impaired when any driver is intoxicated due to alcohol or drug use. The risks that a cabbie will cause a deadly crash increase significantly if he is drunk or high on drugs.

Traffic Laws.

Taxi drivers have a duty to their passengers to drive safely and obey traffic laws. Running red lights, failing to use a turn signal, and driving aggressively are just a few of the traffic law violations by these drivers that lead to collisions.

Drowsy Driving.

Cab drivers must drive for long hours without a break. If they are doing so when drowsy, their driving skills are impaired in ways similar to if they were intoxicated.


Taxicab companies have a duty to inspect and maintain their taxis, and drivers should not drive one that is in need of repair. If these duties are breached, a brake failure, tire blowout, or steering malfunction can cause a driver to lose control of the taxi and cause a crash.

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