Slip and Fall Accidents At Restaurants Are Preventable

Everyone loves to go out to dinner, and if you live in Las Vegas or are vacationing there, you have many options for great, inexpensive food at casino buffets and restaurants. However, these food establishments put customers and employees at risk for slip and fall accidents and injuries. Many of these accidents could be avoided if restaurant and casino owners followed safety measures that would help eliminate these falls.Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones Wilson

Five Reasons Slip and Fall Accidents Occur at Restaurants

Water is a main cause of accidents at restaurants, but there are other reasons people are injured. Common reasons slip and fall accidents occur include:

Food and drink spills.

High-risk areas include the restaurant entranceway, dishwasher area, cooking area, and the entrance to the kitchen. Buffets can become a danger zone when dropped food or drinks are not cleaned up promptly. In addition, the restrooms and restaurant floors can become slippery with water and other spills.

Changes in elevation and surface texture.

Changes in floor elevation, torn carpet, and cracked tiles or other flooring can pose serious slip and fall dangers to unsuspecting customers or to employees rushing to deliver food and drinks.

Poor lighting.

Insufficient lighting inside a restaurant can prevent a person from seeing water or an object on the ground and can result in a fall or serious injury.

Parking lots and sidewalks.

Potholes or cracks in the pavement can cause a visitor to trip in the parking lot or on a sidewalk, especially if the lighting is not good. In addition, standing water can create slip and fall hazards.

Inside and outside stairways.

Stairs that are cracked or don’t have the proper treading pose a slip and fall danger. If there are no handrails or they are not sturdy, this could also cause a person to slip and fall. It is also important to remove standing water on outside stairways to help prevent falls.

A person who suffers a slip and fall at a restaurant or casino buffet can sustain serious injuries such as traumatic brain damage, broken bones, spinal cord and back injuries, or a fractured pelvis. However, he may be entitled to compensation for his lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering from the business owner whose negligence is responsible for the fall.

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