Avoid the Dangers of a Slip and Fall At the Gym as You Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit

With the beginning of the New Year, many of us make resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. This can include joining a gym or actually going to the one we have been paying for but not using. While we understand our muscles may hurt when we begin exercising after months of inactivity, we may not consider that working out more could land us in the hospital after a slip and fall accident.

Five Causes of Slips and Falls At Gyms

Unfortunately, many hazards exist at fitness centers that cause people to slip and fall. Some of these include:

  • Water and sweat may be left on exercise machines by previous users that make them slippery and hard to grip with your hands and feet.
  • Slippery floors can be caused by other gym patrons dripping water when they take showers, drinking water while exercising, or swimming in pool areas.
  • Loose or broken tiles, torn or frayed carpets, or other flooring problems can trip up unobservant exercisers.
  • Cables and electrical cords that run along the floor from one exercise machine to the next one or to the nearest electrical outlet can create a hazard.
  • Users can be tripped up by malfunctioning exercise machines and other equipment.

How Gym Owners and Managers Fail to Reduce the Risks of Slip and Fall Accidents

While gym patrons need to be careful, the owners and managers of these centers bear ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the risks for slip and falls are eliminated. Ways they violate this duty include:

  • Failing to check machines regularly to ensure they work properly and that water and sweat is wiped off them. In addition, they need to leave ample supplies of paper towels and sanitizing wipes for gym guests to wipe down machines after they use them.
  • Ensuring that employees check exercise equipment regularly by having a schedule for doing so and providing a form check sheet where employees can check off and sign that they completed these important tasks.
  • Failing to clean up water off floors on a regular basis and monitoring guests to be certain they follow procedures that can help reduce slippery floors.
  • Failing to put out signs warning patrons of wet floors and spills.
  • Failing to promptly repair broken tiles, torn carpet, and other floor problems and to place electrical cords and cables in ways to avoid trip hazards.

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