These Treatments Could Help You Cope With the Debilitating Pain Associated With Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

If you suffered a serious injury like a fracture in a slip and fall accident at a local casino buffet or hotel, you could be shocked to find that it also caused you to suffer inexplicable chronic pain that your doctor cannot really find a medical reason for. This condition is known as chronic regional pain syndrome. This is a very real medical disorder, often affecting a limb, where the person feels debilitating pain and long-term limitations on his day-to-day activities. Early treatment is crucial to prevent serious complications like muscle tightening or tissue atrophy that can cause even more problems for a slip and fall victim.

Six Treatments for Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

Doctors usually treat this syndrome with a combination of medications like pain relievers, antidepressants, and steroids along with other treatments. Other medical therapies that can help include:

Heat and cold applications.

If you are experiencing swelling or sweating, applying a cold pack could relieve the symptoms. Heat works best if the painful area of skin is cool to your touch.

Topical analgesics.

Topical creams like capsaicin cream can help reduce pain and hypersensitivity if this is a problem.

Physical therapy.

Physical therapy—especially if started soon after you experience symptoms—can improve muscle strength and range of motion and reduce your pain.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). 

This treatment involves applying electrical impulses to the affected nerve endings to relieve your symptoms.


Biofeedback can teach you to be more conscious of your body and help you relax and gain some control of your pain.

Spinal cord stimulation.

With this type of treatment, tiny electrodes are inserted along your spinal cord to allow your doctor to administer an electrical current that can help with pain management.

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