A Trip To the Casino Could End in a Slip and Fall

Many people visit Las Vegas for the shows, gambling, and inexpensive restaurant buffets. While tourists and Nevada residents enjoy the entertainment and food options in Las Vegas, there are possible hazards that can make a vacation or trip to this busy, energetic city memorable for all the wrong reasons. A slip and fall accident can happenHenderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones Wilson any place, but it’s very common in Las Vegas casinos.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents At Casinos

Casinos are busy with many dangerous places where guests can slip and fall. Casino upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance are important to ensure that guests remain safe. But guests can slip and fall if management fails to maintain its casino properly. Here are just a few of the more common causes of a slip and fall accidents we see that occur at casinos:

Food and drink spills.

These are very common both in the casino and at the restaurants and buffets. Buffets can get messy with the number of people crowded around them or waiting in line. And those guests who have consumed alcohol may be less steady and spill food or drinks on the floor. If employees do not keep the floors clean, a guest can slip and fall.

Torn or loose carpeting.

With so many people walking in and out of casinos, carpets take a lot of abuse. If the casino doesn’t replace torn or loose carpet both on the casino floor and in their hotels, guests can trip and fall and suffer broken bones, back injuries, and other serious injuries.

Damaged stairs and broken handrails.

Stairways can be dangerous if the stairs are damaged or the handrails are broken. Falls on stairways can lead to serious broken bones.

Faulty escalators and elevators.

Elevators and escalators that are not working properly can jerk suddenly when starting and stopping, causing people to fall. In addition, if escalators are not maintained properly, it’s possible for guests to catch fingers, feet, or clothing in escalator parts.

Broken slot machine chairs.

Because slot machine chairs are used by hundreds of guests every day, they can break frequently. If casino management does not regularly maintain and fix them, guests can fall off and suffer injuries.

Shuttle buses.

Casinos use shuttle buses to transport people from casinos, hotels, and the airport. If the driver leaves luggage in the aisle or fails to clean up food and drinks that may have been spilled on the floor, people can fall. In addition, the steps leading into the shuttle bus can be dangerous if the stripe to help riders with proper foot placement is worn or missing.

Documenting the Scene of Your Slip is Essential to Making a Successful Claim for Compensation

Often, people are embarrassed when they fall, especially in public. They may want to leave the building quickly, so they do not document their injury or inform management about the fall. However, these slip and fall accidents are often caused by the casino, not the guest. People can suffer serious injuries, so it is important for an injured victim to document the fall and pursue his possible right to compensation by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney.

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