What happens if I am injured by an accident caused by another person’s hydroplaning vehicle?

Driving in the rain may be a risky endeavor; however, there are many cases where it cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, even if you understand how to properly operate your vehicle under wet conditions, you may still find yourself involved in a crash. Another driver that hydroplanes while traveling alongside you may cause an accident. That driver may be responsible for your resulting injuries and property damage.

Six Tips About Hydroplaning by Motor Vehicles

What is hydroplaning and how does it increase the likelihood of a crash? The following is an overview:

  1. Hydroplaning occurs when water causes the tires of a car to lose contact with the surface of a road.
  2. When tires lose contact with the road surface, the vehicle loses traction.
  3. As a result of the loss of traction, the driver is unable to brake or steer the vehicle.
  4. Hydroplaning is more likely to occur if a vehicle is traveling at a higher rate of speed.
  5. Hydroplaning is more likely to occur when there is a greater amount and flow of water on the roadway.
  6. Hydroplaning is more likely to occur when the vehicle’s tires are not in optimal condition.

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