Turn, Turn, Turn. A Refresher On How To Make A Legal Turn To Help Reduce Henderson Car Accidents.

Once the passing score is achieved on the driver’s license written test I think everybody slowly forgets the rules of the road. This is especially evident in Henderson and Las Vegas when it comes to turning. Many of the thousands of car accident cases we have handled are the result of people improperly using turn lanes and just plain ignoring the law as it relates to turns.

Rules Of The Road. A Quick Overview Regarding Legal Turning In Henderson.

Center Turning Lane

If a street has a left turn center lane, you must use it when you turn left. The center turn lane, when available, may not be used to pass another vehicle.

To turn left from the street, drive completely inside the center left turn lane. Don’t stop part way into the lane with the rear of your vehicle blocking traffic. Turn only when it is safe. Look for vehicles coming head on towards you in the same lane as they start to make their left turns.

When turning left from a side street or driveway, wait until it is safe, and then drive into the center left turn lane. Signal before moving into regular traffic. Enter traffic only when it is safe. You may drive across a center left turn lane.

Examples of Left and Right Turns

The diagram below shows the proper lanes to be utilized in making left and right turns:

Jones Wilson Legal Vehicle Turns In Henderson, Nevada







When turning, you must turn into the appropriate lane. As you can see in this example, the green car is making a left and that driver must turn into the left most lane as the red car, who is making a right onto the same street is turning into the right most lane.

When making a right turn (red car) stay close to the right curb or edge of the road. Do not swing wide before or while turning .

Turns to the left (green car) must be made from the lane furthest to the left (or just right of the center line if on a two way street).

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