When Owners Are Negligent, a Fun Day at the Pool Can Turn Into a Tragic Accident

Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonFor many people, going to the pool can be a fun family activity or a way to get much needed exercise. However, a fun outing can turn into a nightmare if you or a family member is injured in a pool accident. One of the worst drowning tragedies takes place in a neighborhood pool. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is an average of 3,536 fatal, non-boating, drownings annually, and one in five victims are children under the age of 14. Even when accident victims survive, they can suffer brain damage that can result in their permanent disability.

Why Do Swimming Pool Accidents Happen?

Swimming pool accidents can happen in many places, like private home pools, community or public pools, hotel pools, water park pools and indoor facilities, and kiddie pools. Swimming pool owners have a duty to maintain their pools and the surrounding area in a safe condition and to warn guests of potential hazards. Common reasons accidents occur include:

Lack of barriers.

Pool owners have a duty to make sure that the pool is enclosed to prevent easy access – especially to children who may not understand the danger. When a swimming pool is not enclosed, a preventable accident can be the result.

Lack of supervision.

While not all pools are required to have a lifeguard, a warning sign should be posted warning guests if one is not present. If one is on duty but inattentive or a warning sign is not posted, a pool owner could be liable if someone is injured.

No antientrapment devices.

Swimming pool drains with their powerful vacuum suction can trap unsuspecting swimmers – especially children – when federally required anti-entrapment devices are not used or they are left in an unsafe or unrepaired condition.

Slip and fall hazards.

When the hard pool deck is uneven or left with an unreasonable amount of water, even people who are being careful can have a disastrous slip and fall accident. In addition, spilled food and drink, slippery bathroom floors, and debris are also causes of injuries caused by falls.

Damaged or missing pool ladders.

Accidents are the likely consequence when pool owners fail to provide needed ladders into the pool or leave them in a damaged condition.

Lack of signs.

Warning signs should be posted to warn people of spills and other hazards when they cannot be dealt with promptly. In addition, signs should be posted warning guests of no lifeguard, the dangers of actions like running in the pool area or diving from the shallow end, and marking the end of the shallow part of the pool. If these signs are not posted, a pool owner could be liable for compensating an injured guest.

Defective diving boards.

Not all pool owners provide diving boards at their pools. If one is made available for guest use, the pool owner has a duty to maintain it to avoid a catastrophic accident.

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