How Long Will It Take To Settle My Las Vegas Truck Injury Case?

Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyers Jones WilsonNot even an experienced truck accident attorney can give you a precise date that your claim against the negligent trucker and trucking company will be settled. However, you can get a general idea of how long the process will take if you understand the factors that can complicate a case and require more time to resolve.

Investigation of Your Truck Accident

Your attorney will need to conduct a thorough investigation of the cause of your truck accident. This may be complicated if federal regulations governing the trucking industry were violated and have contributed to your wreck. Your lawyer may need to hire an accident reconstruction expert and obtain truck maintenance, trucker hiring and employment records, and other documents from the trucking company as part of his investigation. This can help him build a strong case of negligence to increase your chances of success, but it can take time.

Some other factors we consider during our Las Vegas truck accident cases include:

The Severity of Your Injuries

The value of your claim will be higher if you suffer more serious injuries. The insurance company is more likely to fight longer to find a reason to deny your claim or to pay you less than what you deserve in your settlement when the cost to them is greater.

Your Medical Recovery

You do not want to settle your claim until you have recovered fully from your injuries, or have recovered as much as you can, and your doctor has given you a final prognosis. It can take months or longer for you to reach this stage in your medical treatment. By waiting for this to occur, you ensure that all your future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages are included in your settlement.


Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company can take time, even if you have a strong case. Generally, negotiations will involve a series of offers and counteroffers by your attorney and the insurance company. The process can take longer if the insurance adjuster raises disputes and your attorney must collect additional evidence to resolve them.


If you are unable to settle your claim, your attorney will file a lawsuit against the truck driver, trucking company, and any other liable parties. Litigating your claim can take months or longer. However, your case will most likely settle at some point before your trial date.

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