Can You Hire an Attorney For a Minor Car Accident In Las Vegas?

First, it is important to define our terms. What do we mean by “minor.” The insurance company will only look at the property damage to your vehicle to classify your case as “minor.” However, no case involving injury to your body can or should be characterized as minor. It is well known that even minor impacts can cause significant injury depending upon pre-existing conditions, positioning at the time of the impact, and the types of vehicles involved.

You will see why it is important to retain a lawyer to assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries following a minor car accident in these 3 scenerios:

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition affecting your neck or back the insurance company is likely to tell you that you are not entitled to compensation. They will argue that all of the symptoms you are experiencing are from a prior accident or injury – not the result of your accident. However, Nevada law is clear that a negligent driver is responsible for any exacerbation or worsening or a pre-existing condition. A lawyer can help you navigate the maze of evidence you will need to establish what is the most difficult part of a minor car accident – proving causation. Finding the right doctors who are experienced in preparing reports that document the changes in your condition and/or relating it to the accident is crucial. Many doctors fear litigation and do not want to get involved. An experienced lawyer can guide you to qualified medical professionals who will not only help you on the path to healing, but can also be your advocate against the insurance company and the hired guns they use to fight legitimate personal injury claims following minor car accidents.

Body Positioning at Impact

One of the most common ways people get injured in what appear to be very minor accidents relates to body positioning at the time of impact. In my nearly 30 years of personal injury experience I have seen countless cases of people who had their head or body turned at the time of impact. This is often because they were speaking to another passenger in the vehicle while at a red light. Sometimes they are preparing to turn right when struck from behind and are looking left at oncoming traffic. Most commonly, they have their head turned to look in their rearview mirror at an approaching vehicle that they believe is not going to stop in time. In these cases even a lower speed impact can cause fairly significant damage to the driver or passengers of a vehicle.

Types of Vehicles Involved

Many insurance defense attorneys hold themselves out to be great lawyers because they have won cases based solely upon photographs of the vehicles. Jurors and arbitrators who do not have experience in personal injury do not appreciate the significant forces involved in impacts where there is minimal property damage following an accident. For example, someone who is struck by a larger pickup truck can have minimal damage to their vehicle based upon the height of the truck and the location that the truck impacts their vehicle. Likewise, there will be almost no damage to the pickup either. Experts known as biomechanical engineers can set forth the forces exerted on a person inside the vehicle in these cases since all of the force is absorbed by the occupants of the vehicle as opposed to the bumper and other parts of the car designed to absorb the impact. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you get past the photographs and prove your case against the insurance company while assisting you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

These three are the most common situations in which a person can sustain injury following a minor car accident but there are others as well. At Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers we have the knowledge and experience in car accident cases of all kinds that will get you the maximum recovery possible – even in what the insurance company will call a “minor” impact.”

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