Why an Accident Reconstruction Expert Could Be Important for Your Claim for Compensation

Henderson Car Accident Lawyers Jones WilsonWhen the facts of how your auto accident occurred are unclear or there is conflicting versions of what happened, you will have a harder time proving the other driver’s negligence in causing your crash. Proving this is crucial to your right to compensation from him. In this situation, you may want to hire an accident reconstruction expert who can help you build a strong case necessary both for negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company and if you go to trial.

How Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Help Your Car Accident Case?

An accident reconstruction expert has the abilities to investigate your accident, analyze important facts, and reenact the crash to show how it occurred. They are professionals who have expertise in science, engineering, or law enforcement. If you decide to hire one of these experts, you want to be certain that he is qualified as an expert in this field and has good credentials. Ideally, he should be certified by the state or another professional organization.

While this type of expert is not always needed, they can be necessary when the facts are complex or disputed. They are more often hired when the victim suffered more serious injuries or died. Ways this expert could help in your case include:

  • Evaluating the physics of the accident
  • Calculating how fast the vehicles were travelling and their movements leading up to the crash
  • Determining the exact circumstances of how the wreck occurred and how the damages were caused
  • Testifying about their findings at trial and issuing a report that can be used in negotiations with the insurance company for the negligent driver

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