How can I prepare to talk to a lawyer?

Your ability to keep notes and records about your personal injury is very important to you, to us, to your claim and to getting you and your family the money you deserve. Be sure to have strong documentation about your personal injury and accident. One of the first things you should do after you are injured is write down everything you can about your personal injury. This includes details about your personal injury and the effect the injury is having on your daily life. Having notes to remind you of the details and what you are going through, is both easier and more reliable than counting on your memory. You will need a doctor’s report, an accident report, photographs, any type of evidence and a list of witnesses. If you don’t have this information, Jones Wilson can help you get it.

Be sure to write down notes about any anxiety or loss of comfort resulting from your personal injury. You can demand additional compensation for these types of personal injuries. If you don’t make notes about these important results of your personal injury as you experience them, you may not remember these injuries later. Writing down the experiences from your injuries will help you remember to report them to a doctor or other medical provider when you receive treatment.

Most personal injury claims involve more than just physical pain; they include loss of income, medical bills, increased insurance premiums, damaged property, other losses involving family, social, and educational opportunities, and emotional damages, such as stress, embarrassment, depression or strains on family relationships.

Notes on these personal injury matters should include anything you have lost because of the accident and your associated injuries such as: job opportunities, work hours or income, educational opportunities or promotions, lack of participation in events, social gatherings, vacations or anything else which would have benefited you. Or which you would have enjoyed, but were prevented from experiencing because of the personal injury incurred due to the accident.

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