Here’s What You Need to Know About How Colossus Software Could Affect Your Car Accident Settlement

If you are in settlement negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company, you should understand how the adjuster’s use of Colossus software could determine their settlement offer. Colossus is a software program many insurance companies use to calculate the settlement value of a car accident and or other personal injury case, especially in minor to moderate injury cases. Many of the big insurance companies use this program. Some of them include the following:

  • Aetna
  • Allstate
  • CAN
  • Erie
  • Farmers
  • Metropolitan
  • The Hartford
  • MetLife
  • Travelers
  • USAA
  • Zurich

How Colossus Works

Insurance companies keep much of the information about how Colossus calculates settlements secret, but information has leaked out. Some adjusters use its calculation as a guideline in making a settlement offer while others – especially newer adjusters – could use it as an absolute figure. Basically, the program works by being fed information by an adjuster and then calculating a settlement award. It only considers certain factors, and your medical records play a key role in its calculations. Damages like pain and suffering may not get the proper valuation in determining your settlement amount. Some of the factors Colossus considers include:

Type of injury.

The system values objective, easier-to-verify injuries like broken bones and herniated disks higher than others, such as soft tissue injuries. The system does not value at all any of your own observations in your medical records. Some factors that could increase your “points” in the system include dizziness, radiating pain, nausea, visual impairment, headaches, muscle spasms, and depression. This methodology may not play a role in every settlement, but it can be used as a source of bad faith insurance tactics.


If you were taken from the accident scene directly to the hospital, you get higher points than if you were not, even if you later discovered serious injuries.

Type of treatment.

Treatments by specialists are given a higher value than those by a general practitioner. Some diagnoses by chiropractors are completely ignored.

Length of treatment.

If treatment goes on for “too long,” such as more than 20 to 25 chiropractic visits, the program will not even consider future treatments in calculating your settlement award.

As mentioned above, these are only some of the factors Colossus considers in determining how much your case is worth. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Las Vegas caused by a negligent driver, you need a las vegas car accident lawyer who comprehends the complexities of settling your case and its true value.. Check out our Case Results and call us today at 866-299-0558 to schedule a free consultation to learn about the compensation you could be entitled to.

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