How Long Do You Have to Report an Accident in Las Vegas?

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) demands that accident reports be made within ten days of occurrence. Accidents can be overwhelming, yet, they leave little time to worry or remain in shock because you must take care of the accident scene. Since there’s so much to cover amid trauma and wonder, you need a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV to help you through your bad experience.

Assuming the accident is severe, you have doctors, car repairs, insurance, and anything in between. Without help from a qualified attorney, keeping track of what you need to do alone can be confusing, and you can leave out essential details. In Nevada’s jurisdiction, you must report an accident where a person is hurt and leave the responsibility to the police within the prescribed timeframe.

Your Obligations After a Nevada Car Accident?

Although you must report a Las Vegas accident in 10 days, there are exceptions to the rule depending on the kind of accident. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the types of accidents and how the rules are executed in Las Vegas. You may be traumatized, confused, and unable to think, but the following is expected of you after an accident:

  • Exchange information with the other driver – Get their driving license details, address, vehicle model, year, and license plates.
  • If the cars are causing traffic, move them when it’s safe.
  • Assist anyone who is injured in getting treatment.

Suppose you hit a static, unoccupied car, locate the owner, and leave your contact information somewhere on the car or your business card if you can’t. To ensure the card or piece of paper isn’t blown away, place it on the windshield between the car wipers. You can try to get the contact information of an eyewitness as their testimony can help determine who was at fault.

Take images of the accident scene with you and write down what happened. Don’t be quick to say you’re not injured because you might have sustained soft tissue injuries, which take time to show. And most importantly, don’t accept the fault or apologize to anyone because;

  • That can be an admission to guilt until the police determine it.
  • Your future claims can be denied – don’t even talk about your car defects, even if they exist.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

Different insurance companies will have individual accident policies; you should notify them anytime you get into an accident. Some people might decide not to report their insurance company after hitting a stationary object. It’s vital to inform them if someone is injured.

Besides, it’s always suitable for the insurance company to hear the other side of the story. Failure to report accidents to your insurance company limits your obligations to future claims.

When to Report a Car Accident to the Las Vegas DMV

Traffic accidents in Las Vegas are a common occurrence. Hence, it’s economically tasking for law enforcers to attend to an unlimited minor while preventing shootings, robberies, and other forms of violence. Due to frequent accidents, law enforcers leave drivers responsible for making official reports on significant traffic incidents.

To ensure that only worthy accident incidents get to the police, they must meet the criteria below.

  • There was no investigation on the crash scene
  • The estimated property damage from the accident should be $750 or more
  • Injuries on one or more persons

The Report of Traffic Crash emphasizes what is unacceptable or the documents that must be attached to the report in bold. Another section of the report threatens drivers with a possible driving privileges suspension if they miss important details on the document.

Nevada’s Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims

An accident can occur due to the other driver’s negligence, meaning you can get a redress. In Nevada, car accident claims are limited to two years from the day it happened, leaving you with a short window to prepare and win the lawsuit. However, a skilled injury attorney can help you mitigate the process quickly and successfully within two years. You need some time to yourself in case you hit snags along the way.

Exceeding the Two Year Claim Period

Suppose you exceed the two-year limitation allowed to file a car accident claim. The case is highly likely to be dismissed at the defendant’s request. However, there can be exceptions for extenuating circumstances to explain the delay. Otherwise, the two-year statute limitation is a hard rule to break in Las Vegas. It can be such a waste to realize the injuries you sustained are long-term and will continue to expose you to financial hardships in the future.

Accidents Involving Minors

The statute of limitations differs when an underage (below 18) is involved in a car accident. The law allows them to pursue the claim when they turn 18 years against the other party. However, the court will enable parents or guardians to file for the claim on their behalf before they turn 18.

Redress for a Car Accident

The expenses of a car accident can mount quickly due to medical bills, car repairs, poor quality of life, and lost income. These expenses can accumulate large sums, not including emotional pain and suffering. For this reason, you should let your doctor’s report help make such estimates to ensure they cover the future impacts of your injuries.
You should not shoulder financial hardships, especially if someone were at fault for causing the accident due to recklessness. Although the claim may not undo your suffering, you get redress and avoid getting penalized for someone else’s carelessness.

Reasons Some People Don’t Report Car Accidents

Traffic accident laws are stringent in Las Vegas, and some people shy away from reporting their accidents due to the consequences involved. Misunderstanding the Nevada law for minor accidents is a big deal, and no one wants to face the outcome of a false report. The city is busy, accidents happen daily, and the community understands what to report and avoid.
As for minor accidents, they land in a gray area, and people fail to make a DMV report because they believe it doesn’t meet the criteria. Others fear rising insurance premiums, but failure to report an accident can have dire consequences.
Avoid falling victim or facing tough times after a car accident in Las Vegas by hiring a qualified attorney from to help you navigate the case. A skilled attorney will lift the burden off your shoulders and get you the redress you deserve without struggle.

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