Can I help my attorney obtain a better settlement in my car crash case?

When you hire an attorney to negotiate a settlement in your car accident case, you hope you picked an experienced attorney who can obtain a favorable outcome for you. However, even if he has the skills and experience to handle your claim, he cannot—or should not have to—do it alone. You can take steps that will make his job easier and increase the likelihood of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Take These Steps to Help Your Attorney in Your Auto Wreck Case

Henderson Car Accident Lawyers Jones WilsonThe reality is that you must work with your attorney to prove the other driver was negligent and that the amount of compensation you are asking for is reasonable. If you help, you increase your attorney’s likelihood of obtaining a good settlement for you. How can you do this? Start out by taking these steps:

Be honest.

Your attorney is relying on you to be open and honest with him so he knows all the facts and can build a strong case for you. This means telling him about any potentially negative information too, like that you may have been partially at fault in causing your crash. An attorney can develop strategies to handle weaknesses in your case—if he knows about them.

Compile a description of what happened.

You need to develop a detailed account of everything that happened leading up to and during your accident and of your medical treatment so far. This will help the attorney evaluate your case and determine how much compensation you could be entitled to.

Provide necessary information.

You should provide your attorney with contact information for the other driver, his insurance company, and other witnesses. You also want to give him a copy of the police report, any pictures of the accident scene, your insurance policy, and documentation of your vehicle repairs and any other property damages, lost wages, and medical bills to date.

Disclose prior legal problems and accidents.

Don’t leave your attorney in the dark. He needs to know if you have any prior criminal convictions, were involved in another vehicle accident, had a preexisting injury, or were involved in other lawsuits. These matters will be uncovered by the other driver’s insurance company or attorney, so you want your attorney to be prepared in advance to discuss how these issues could affect your settlement.

Stay in touch.

Stay in touch with your attorney regularly and provide him with your new contact information if you move while he is handling your case.

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