Four Simple Ways To Prevent A Motor Vehicle Collision

We are all concerned about road safety. The unfortunate truth is that every minute, someone in this nation is injured in a car collision. However, there are a couple of ways we recommend that drivers use to prevent motor vehicle accidents from occurring.

How To Prevent A Motor Vehicle Collision

Never Use Your Cell Phone While Driving

The most important rule in today’s day and age, never use your cell phone while driving.  Whether it is calling, texting or checking emails, put the phone down. Unless a hands-free device is being used, texting and answering phone calls can lead to disastrous consequences. Checking emails is a flat NO, NO.  It only takes a second for a driver  to be distracted and cause a serious accident.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Your Hands Upon The Wheel

Maintain two hands on the steering wheel at all times.  It is easy to become cavalier while driving the same roads day in and day out, when you don’t expect to get in a car collision.  However, when sudden turns or traffic stops occur because of road obstructions, or traffic congestion, you will need two hands on the steering wheel. This also underscores the importance of not being distracted while driving.

Take Care Of Your Car

Regular vehicle maintenance is critical not only for vehicle performance, but also, driver safety. Avoid driving on tires that are not fully inflated. Engine malfunctions can cause serious problems while on the road. Blowing a tire, leaking oil or bad brakes could be catastrophic on a busy roadway.  So regularly inspect your brakes, tires and engine fluid levels.

Never, Ever Drink and Drive

While avoiding drinking and driving sounds like an obvious and easy problem to correct.  It is still a huge problem across this country.  Over 10,000 people die every year as a direct result of drunk driving alone.  This number does not even include impaired driving that may occur now that marijuana is legal, or prescription opioid use. While you may not be able to control other, you can control your habits.  Never get behind the wheel after you have been drinking or are under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or even certain prescription drugs.  This you can control.

As a final thought, it can be scary to go through a motor vehicle collision.  The unknown of what happens after a collision can be unnerving.  Trying to prevent a collision is your best outcome, but when those efforts fail, through no fault of your own, please seek the guidance of an attorney that specializes in personal injury claims to be guided on what to do next.

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