I was injured in a car accident. Should I sign a medical authorization release for the at-fault driver’s insurance company?

Henderson Car Accident Lawyers Jones WilsonWhen a negligent driver causes you or a family member to suffer injuries on your way to Adventuredome, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, or anywhere else in Henderson, you need to hold him accountable for compensating you for your injuries. You may be surprised at how complicated the process can be for filing your claim with his insurance company. You will need to make many decisions as you negotiate your settlement, and even simple ones—such as whether to sign a medical release—can be more important than you realize.

Why Not to Agree to Sign a Medical Authorization for the Negligent Driver’s Insurance Company After a Henderson Car Accident

Soon after your auto wreck in Henderson, you will most likely receive a call from the insurance adjuster for the negligent driver. This could even occur while you are still at Henderson Hospital. One innocent-sounding request will be to sign an authorization for release of your medical records. However, here is why you do not want to agree to do this:

  • The form is a blanket authorization for release of all of your medical records, not just the ones involving your accident.
  • The insurance adjuster wants all of your medical records to try to find information he can use to deny or reduce your claim, such as evidence of pre-existing injuries or inconsistent statements you made to your doctor.
  • If you sign the authorization, you are allowing the insurance adjuster to obtain potentially private and sensitive information about your medical history that is irrelevant to your claim for compensation and that invades your privacy.

How Should You Handle a Request for Your Medical Records Following A Henderson Car Wreck?

The insurance adjuster for the negligent driver has a duty to the insurance company to investigate your claim and your injuries, so he will need your medical records pertaining to the injuries caused in the accident. However, you do not need to sign the insurance company’s medical authorization to provide this information. Your best strategy is to retain an experienced car accident attorney in Henderson who can obtain the medical records that the insurance company truly needs and provide them on your behalf. He can also take over the communications with the insurance adjuster and negotiate your settlement so that you receive what you need and deserve.

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