I Was Injured In A Pedestrian Accident But Have the Driver’s Insurance Information. What Do I Do Next?

Pedestrian accidents, although not as common as auto vs. auto accidents, are all too frequent and can be deadly. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in 2017 nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States – one death every 88 minutes! This does not account for the estimated 137,000 pedestrians who were treated in emergency department for non-fatal injuries in that same year. You are 1.5 times more likely to be killed in a car accident as a pedestrian than as an occupant of a vehicle.

Because of the 24/7 nature of the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, pedestrians are at greater risk as many people are walking to and from work or other activities after dark. Additionally, alcohol is served around the clock in Southern Nevada which, unfortunately, puts impaired drivers on the roadways. Southern Nevada also has many pedestrians mixed with heavy vehicle traffic in areas like the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. The combination of these factors can make Henderson/Las Vegas a dangerous place to be a pedestrian. To help keep you safe, here are a few pedestrian pointers:

To protect yourself make sure you are visible to vehicles if walking after dark. Carry a flashlight or wear some type of reflective clothing. Many running shoes now include reflective stripes or other features.

While this is a “no-brainer,” USE DESIGNATED CROSSWALKS! People are not as used to pedestrians in Henderson and Las Vegas as they are in bigger cities. Even in the crosswalk you should use caution as you cross and look for impaired or inattentive drivers. Use the sidewalk or the many walking or running paths in Henderson and Las Vegas as opposed to walking in the street. If you must walk in the roadway, walk facing oncoming traffic to allow you to avoid a vehicle that may not see you.

Finally, use caution with headphones and ear buds they impede your ability to avoid an oncoming vehicle and interfere with your attention. Also, just because you’re not behind the wheel does not mean it is a good idea to be in and around traffic as an impaired pedestrian.

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident you should treat it as if you were driving your own vehicle.

Follow These Steps If You’ve Been Involved In A Henderson Pedestrian Accident

Call the police

An accident report should be generated if the accident occurs on a public roadway.

Demand the other driver’s insurance information and driver’s license

Take a picture of them; Photograph the area to show where you were struck. One of the most important facts to be established will be whether you were in a designated crosswalk or an implied crosswalk (e.g., the sidewalk area when crossing an entrance or exit from a parking lot onto a public roadway).

Gather witness information and make sure you can contact them later

Independent witness testimony can mean the difference between winning and losing at trial.

Seek immediate medical assistance

Many injuries will not become evident for hours or days after the accident occurs. It is imperative that you get examined by a medical professional to avoid serious repercussions from your pedestrian accident.

Contact an attorney

You will need the help of an experienced legal professional to assist you in pursuing your legal rights against the negligent driver following your pedestrian accident. Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers is prepared and has the necessary experience with pedestrian accidents.

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