Can You Handle My Case?

“I knew  you handled car accident cases, but I didn’t know you handled motorcycle accidents?”  “I knew you handled trucking accident cases, but I didn’t know you handled dog bite cases….. sexual assault cases… slip and falls?” We have had many occasions where former clients, and even friends, were not aware of what kind of cases a personal injury attorney can handle. If it is not listed in the “practice areas” box of the website, many people take that as a sign that the law firm does not handle those kinds of claims.  So let us put some misunderstandings to rest.

This is not merely a statement about our law firm. Personal injury law firms as a whole, tend to handle any kind of a case where one person believes that they were injured due to the actions of another person or business. When people get injured as a result of someone else’s actions, attorneys look at the facts of the case to determine whether or not there is a viable claim for damages.  So the short answer is that if you know of someone that is physically injured, and that injury occurred from someone else’s actions, a personal injury law firm can evaluate it and determine whether or not they can handle it.

How Do We Handle All Personal Injury Claims?

A personal injury law firm listens to facts and weighs those facts with the law. For example, when someone comes forward with a car accident case, the attorney has to evaluate what happened, and as a result of those facts, did someone violate the rules of the road to cause the collision. Once that analysis has been done, an attorney has to assess, what was the injury that resulted from the actions. This analysis is done in a very similar way, regardless of the facts.

In a slip and fall case, an attorney listens to what happened that caused the fall to occur, and we have to determine whether anyone acted in a way that the law would determine as “unreasonable’, and which played a role in causing the fall. That is the process a lawyer uses to apply the law to the facts of an individuals fall.

After that analysis is done, an attorney has to assess the injuries that were caused by that fall. In another example involving a spine injury, or a dog bite case, the attorney listens to the facts of what happened and has to apply those facts to the law to determine if anyone is responsible for causing the injury. Then we  have to assess the nature of the injuries that resulted from those actions.

This process is always done when an attorney gets a fact pattern that resulted in someone getting hurt. When evaluating a law firm that you may want to hire, you should discern how they go about evaluating your claim.

Not All Attorneys Are Created Equal.

The evaluation process of applying the facts and the law for an injury, is something that some attorneys do a poor job performing. You should ask for that evaluation process, and a quality attorney should be able to explain that process to your satisfaction. If you are looking for a professional Las Vegas attorney for car accidents, you are on the right blog.

What about Medical Malpractice and Worker’s Compensation?

Many personal injury firms still handle these kinds of claims, but not always.  The reason for this is because Medical Malpractice, and worker’s compensation cases are controlled by a different standard. In the State of Nevada, Medical malpractice cases are controlled by a statute. Likewise, worker’s compensation cases are controlled by a series of administrative statutes. However, the analysis that we describe above is the same. Applying the facts of an injury to the law that controls it.

Anytime you, or someone you know, has a injury that you believe was caused by someone else, do not get confused that a website says the law firm handles are accidents, but makes no mention of motorcycles.  The law firm handles it. The bigger issue is how will they evaluate the claim. Ask a perspective lawyer how they are evaluating your case, and what they think about your case. You do not want someone who is just interested in “signing you up”, but will actually evaluate your case. If you have additional questions, or do not feel that this message fully addressed your concern, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to talk.

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