6 Ways Slip and Falls Occur in Parking Lots and Garages

Most people don’t think twice when they park in a parking lot or garage, especially when they are on vacation or a day trip to a Las Vegas casino, hotel, or restaurant. However, a fun vacation can turn into a nightmare for someone who trips and falls on one of the many dangers in parking lots and garages.

Conditions That Result in Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many ways a person can slip and fall in a parking lot or garage because business owners responsible for maintaining these areas don’t always keep them in safe condition. Accidents can happen that sometimes result in serious injuries. Common causes of these accidents include:

Cracks, uneven pavement, and potholes.

Asphalt wears over time. It can become uneven or cracked or develop potholes if owners do not perform regular maintenance and take care of problems as they occur.

Debris, oil, and other substances.

Garage and parking lot floors can become slippery when debris, leaking oil from vehicles, spilled drinks, and other substances are not promptly cleaned up.

Weather conditions.

Rain and icy pavements can pose serious slip and fall dangers for unsuspecting victims.

Poor lighting.

Poor lighting at night can hide cracks and potholes, debris, liquids, and other slip and fall hazards that can cause serious accidents.

Wheel stops.

Wheel stops are concrete abutments often found at the front of parking spaces. They can be a slip and fall danger to unsuspecting people walking through a parking lot or garage, especially if they are misaligned or cracked.

Stairwell banisters.

Loose stairwell banisters and poorly maintained stairs can cause people to fall and suffer very serious injuries—like spinal cord injuries, back injuries, and brain damage—due to falling on a hard concrete surface.

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