Common Reasons Slip and Falls Happen on Sidewalks

Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonIt is common knowledge from all the news articles on this topic that it is dangerous for pedestrians to look down at a cellphone while walking. This is actually a cause of many accidents with motor vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, and other pedestrians. It would be equally dangerous to have to look down constantly for defects in a sidewalk to avoid tripping and falling. Yet, given the condition of some sidewalks in the Las Vegas area that is precisely what a person would have to do to avoid a fall.

Why Do Accident Victims Fall on Sidewalks?

A person can slip or trip and fall while walking on a residential or city sidewalk in a few seconds. Because it can occur so unexpectedly, a victim has no time to prepare for his fall onto the hard concrete pavement. Common reasons these accidents occur include:


Cracks are a common cause of sidewalk falls as are changes in elevation or raised concrete. These problems are caused by inferior materials, age, weather changes, and tree roots. When owners do not fulfill their maintenance and repair duties, accidents are the result.


Potholes are less common, but equally a danger. When shrub or tree roots poke through or the concrete separates, a dangerous pothole can develop. Just like potholes in the road can cause havoc for vehicle tires, a fall caused by a sidewalk hole can cause the victim to suffer debilitating injuries.

Garbage or debris.

Sidewalks are high-traffic areas and can become cluttered with garbage, spilled liquids and drinks, and debris, creating a potential hazard if business or municipality employees do not regularly clean them up.

Snow and ice.

While not such a problem in Nevada, snow and ice can make a sidewalk extremely treacherous and can be difficult to see. When we do have an unusually cold day here, slippery sidewalks are even a bigger danger for pedestrians not used to navigating in this weather.

Inadequate lighting.

If street lights are broken or nonexistent – like in some neighborhoods – it can be impossible for a person to see hazards when walking down a sidewalk.

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