Shopping Malls Are Full of Slip and Fall Dangers for Unsuspecting Customers

Most people go to the mall for a fun day of shopping and eating and probably spend no time worrying about a possible slip and fall accident. However, large shopping malls are full of slip and fall hazards. Many customers are injured when the common areas of the mall or individual shops or restaurants are not properly maintained. Fortunately, victims could be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses from the negligent business that caused their injuries.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents at Malls

Shopping malls are often thousands of square feet of property jam packed with retail stores, food courts, and restaurants. Hundreds of people visit these shopping malls on a daily basis. Given the high traffic and large number of businesses, it is no wonder that areas of the mall could be left in a dangerous condition that could cause someone to slip and fall. While individual businesses may have their unique slip and fall dangers, common reasons these accidents happen include:

Henderson Slip and Fall Lawyers Jones WilsonLiquid spills.

Spills do not only occur in food courts and restaurants. People often carry around drinks and food while they are shopping and spill them in other areas. Retail store and mall employees must be vigilant in cleaning up spills promptly. When they aren’t, an accident is the likely consequence.

Electrical cords.

Electrical cords are common in businesses and in common mall areas for decorative displays, especially around holidays, and for cleaning and polishing the floors and carpet. When extension cords are not properly secured, an unsuspecting guest can trip over it.

Cracked flooring and torn carpet.

If flooring is cracked or carpet is torn, this could create a fall hazard, especially in stores crammed with racks of goods, making it difficult for shoppers to see dangers in the flooring.

Pavement cracks and potholes.

When parking lots and sidewalks are not maintained, the pavement can crack or potholes can develop. This can make walking in and out of the mall treacherous.

Snow, ice, and rain.

The pavement can become dangerously slippery for customers to navigate if nonslip mats are not used and sidewalks and parking lots are not kept free of snow, ice, and accumulated rain.

Escalator malfunctions.

Escalators are increasingly common in individual stores and large malls with more than one floor. When they are not properly maintained, customers can slip or fall or get their clothing, hair, or other body part caught in the escalator.

Inadequate lighting.

Inadequate lighting of the parking lot, mall entrances, common areas, and in poorly lit stores can make it virtually impossible for a customer to see and avoid a slip and fall hazard.

Wet bathroom floors.

Mall restrooms for guests and business employees see high traffic every day. When mall employees do not clean them regularly, check for leaks and debris, and repair plumbing problems promptly, the restrooms can be the scene of a slip and fall accident.

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