Did Your Henderson, NV, Car Accident Cause Spinal Stenosis?

Henderson Personal Injury Lawyers Jones WilsonEven if your vehicle was traveling at a slow speed on Southeastern Ave. in Henderson, you could be seriously injured in a car accident caused by another driver. One common spinal injury caused in auto crashes is spinal stenosis, which can leave an accident victim with chronic pain and needing long-term medical care. If you develop the symptoms of this chronic injury, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent driver who caused your crash.

Two Types of Spinal Stenosis You Could Develop Following a Car Accident

Due to the force of the impact in an auto crash, the vertebrae in the spine can be fractured or dislocated, which can damage the contents of the spinal canal. This can lead to spinal stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spaces within the spine that puts pressure on the nerves in the spine. There are two types of spinal stenosis, and an accident victim can develop both types of this painful condition:

  • Cervical stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spine in the neck
  • Lumbar stenosis, which is the most common type of stenosis that affects the lower spine

What Are the Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis?

Some people do not initially experience symptoms of spinal stenosis until the condition worsens over time. This is one reason why it is important to be examined by a doctor soon after your car accident so that your spinal stenosis can be diagnosed and treated before you experience more complications. The symptoms you have will depend on the type of stenosis you are diagnosed with and the nerves that are affected. The signs of cervical stenosis include:

  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness in a hand, arm, foot, or leg
  • Difficulty with walking or balance
  • Neck pain
  • Bowel or bladder problems

You may experience these symptoms if your car accident caused lumbar stenosis:

  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in a leg or foot
  • Pain and cramping of a leg when walking or standing for long periods of time
  • Back pain

It is important to be treated for your spinal stenosis as soon as possible to avoid serious complications, such as permanent balance problems, incontinence, and paralysis. Treatments can be expensive and long-term. They can include pain medications, physical therapy, spinal injections, and surgery.

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