Ways You Can Correct Misinformation in a Car Accident Police Report

Police reports can be very helpful to your car accident case. Not only do they provide contact information for the negligent driver, his insurance company, and witness information, but they can also document how the accident occurred, the damage to the vehicles, and your injuries. However, police officers aren’t perfect, and you may find errors – some important ones – in the police report.

How To Correct Errors In A Car Accident Police Report

The insurance adjuster will need a copy of the car accident police report in order to settle your claim, so it is important that the report be accurate. If you find errors in the police report, you should take the following steps to get it amended:

  • For factual information, such as the make of your vehicle or the location of the car accident, you can provide documentation of the correct facts to the police officer, who will often correct his report.
  • If the errors involve how the car accident occurred or the extent of your injuries, you may find it more difficult to convince the officer to amend his report. You should start out by contacting him and discussing the problem politely. Remain calm and respectful.
  • If the police officer refuses to correct the report, ask him if you can write a statement as to what happened and have it attached to the police report. It is at the officer’s discretion to allow this. He will be more likely to agree if you have been respectful and polite in your conversations with him.
  • Offer to provide pictures of the car accident scene and damage to the vehicles and ask that they be attached to the report. This can be extremely helpful in correcting inaccuracies in the report.
  • If the errors are regarding your injuries or injuries that developed within a few days of the car accident, offer to provide documentation of the extent of your injuries – such as a doctor’s statement or hospital records and the medications you are taking and ask that the report be amended.

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