5 Tips to Stop Your Teen Driver From Causing an Accident by Texting and Driving

When our babies grow up into teens and begin driving, we must deal with a whole new set of concerns about their safety. One thing we do not want to stay up late at night worrying about is them seriously injuring themselves or others by texting while driving. Any use of a cellphone while driving is a form of distracted driving that causes life-altering injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, teens rely on their cellphones and texting so much in their everyday lives that it is incredibly tempting for them to text and drive no matter how many times we tell them it is extremely unsafe to do so.

Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Your Teen From Texting and Driving

It is illegal in Nevada to use a cellphone while driving. You need to be certain your teen knows this law and the $250 fine he could have to pay if caught violating it. In addition, you can follow these tips:

Henderson Car Accident Lawyers Jones WilsonTalk to your teen.

Before you give your teenager the keys to the car, have a discussion about the no-texting-and-driving rule and remind him or her on a regular basis about the rule.

Set consequences for rule violations.

Make it clear that there are serious consequences – like loss of driving privileges – for violation of your house rules against driving and texting and enforce the punishment if necessary.

Get an app.

There are a number of apps – and more are always being developed – that you can install on your child’s phone that will shut off texting when the vehicle reaches a certain speed, and may alert you if the app is disabled. Some newer model vehicles have built-in features to block cellphones from being used while the driver is driving and to report usage.

Be a role model.

Set a good example by not using your cellphone while driving. If you must respond to a call or text, pull over somewhere safe before pulling out your phone.

Watch when you text your teen.

Some research has found that many teens are talking to their parents or texting them while driving. If you know your teenager is behind the wheel, do not tempt them to use their phones by contacting them.

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