Research, Medications and Treatment Advances for SCI Recovery

Living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) can be quickly and easily weigh on your emotions and hopes for your future. Not only can your injury limit your mobility and daily activities, but the fact that there is no proven cure—so far—to repair nerve damage can make it hard to face each day with optimism.

However, with over five million sufferers like you around the world, the medical community is not going to allow hope to be lost.

Working Towards a Better Future for SCI Victims

Ever day researchers, surgeons, professors, and medical professionals alike work towards new ways to help SCI victims return to the freedom that they once had. Every advanced industrial nation in the world currently has numerous ongoing investigations studying new treatments, potential cures, and ways to help increase the quality of victims’ lives. These promising developments include:

New Medications

A variety of medicines are being developed, tested, and manufactured to help decrease pain and improve mobility on a chemical level.

Rigorous Physical Therapy

Treatments that investigate different aspects of muscular and spinal degeneration and how to build up varying muscle groups are being explored to improve mobility and muscle elasticity.

Improved Mobility Devices

Technological advances are allowing useful machines to be developed with the purpose of making it easier for spine injury victims to function with their disabilities. These include advances such as lightweight wheelchairs and voice-activated machines that will work without the need for the user to move.

Neurological Treatments

Different aspects of how to retain information by repetitive motion are being explored to see if a correlation between synapse and nerve transmissions can be accomplished.

Electrical Stimulation

Electricity is currently being analyzed to determine if it can help control bladder and bowel function, as well as assist in breathing and some hand movements.

Stem Cell Research

Under the right conditions, stem cells have been found to be very effective in establishing regrowth of muscles and nerves. In the future, this technology may be used to repair spinal cord damage at its source.

Reviving Hope

Given the extensive work and focus being put into helping advance SCI treatments, do you feel that the medical community is allowing you the hope you need? How do you feel about these current studies? Have you had personal experience with new treatments?

In the comment section provided, please share your thoughts, hopes, and stories. Your words can not only bring encouragement to fellow sufferers, but they can also help us get to know you better, and better understand your concerns with potentially filing an injury claim.

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