Many Areas in Hotels Pose Slip and Fall Dangers for Unsuspecting Guests

When people book a trip to Las Vegas, they often look forward to having fun at a casino and staying at a lavish hotel on the Strip. However, if hotel management fails to provide a safe environment, there are many areas in a hotel where guests can slip or trip and injure themselves.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls in Hotels

People may be surprised that there are many slip and fall dangers in hotels. Common places where people slip or trip and fall include:

At the restaurant and buffet.

When staff members do not clean up spills and debris, guests can slip and fall. Buffets can be especially dangerous with the steady stream of people getting their meals and the potential for spilled food and drink.

In guest bathrooms.

Slip and falls can occur due to leaking fixtures, protruding faucets, and a lack of safety aids such as grab bars and non-slip strips or mats in the bathtub. These slip and falls may result in serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, and brain injuries.

Near swimming pools.

A swimming pool can be a dangerous place at a hotel if staff members fail to maintain the pool perimeter. The surfaces near the pool can become smooth and slippery over time, and stairs into the pool need to be marked and maintained.

In fitness centers.

Hotel fitness centers can become dangerous if staff members fail to maintain and repair the exercise equipment.

In elevators.

If elevators are not maintained and repaired when necessary, they can jerk suddenly when starting and stopping, causing an unsuspecting person to fall.

Around uneven flooring.

Uneven flooring, frayed or torn carpet, and damaged flooring can all pose risks of slip and fall accidents for guests.

On stairways.

Broken and worn stairs, poor lighting, and unsteady or broken handrails can all cause a slip and fall.

Taking a fall in public can be embarrassing, but it’s not always your fault. These accidents are sometimes caused by hotel negligence, and if you’re injured in a fall, you may be able to hold the hotel responsible for your injuries.

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