How a Quick Trip to Your Grocery Store Can Be Anything But Quick and Easy if You Slip and Fall

Many of us spend some of our time each week at the grocery store doing our weekly shopping or picking up a few needed items. Most of the time we can finish our shopping trip without any incident occurring. Unfortunately thousands of people do not have this experience when they have a slip and fall accident at a grocery store. Even an unsuspecting healthy person can suffer a long-term injury in a fall, such as a brain injury, spinal and back injuries, or broken bones.

Common Reasons Slips and Falls Happen at Grocery Stores

Grocery store owners, managers, and employees have a duty to keep their stores free of dangers. They must be even more vigilant given the sheer number of customers who walk through their stores daily. However, they often fail to clean up spills promptly or post danger signs to warn guests of slippery, wet, or otherwise dangerous surfaces. Common causes of these slip and fall accidents include:

Henderson Slip and Fall Lawyers Jones WilsonProduce and floral departments.

Water is one of the major causes of supermarket slip and fall accidents. Produce department with water misters for produce and floral departments are key areas of the store where standing pools of water pose dangers to customers.

Frozen food and cold food sections.

If freezers or refrigerated shelf sections have mechanical failures that are not repaired, they can leak, leaving wet puddles.

Spills of food items.

When packages of food puncture and spill or jars containing liquids are dropped, the contents can leave slick messes on the floor that a guest can slip on.


Restrooms that are not cleaned regularly and checked for spilled water can be hazardous. Customers can slip on water splashed from sinks, toilet paper and debris on the floor, and even worse, clogged toilet overflows.


When boxes and debris are left in aisles from stocking shelves, people could slip or trip over the obstacles.

Entrances and exits.

If mats on the floors are bunched up, improperly positioned, or too worn, they can pose a danger to unsuspecting customers. If tracked-in water, dirt, or ice is not promptly cleaned up, this could be another cause of a person’s fall.

Parking lots.

Parking lots can be tripping hazards when cracked pavement or potholes are not repaired, especially when poor lighting reduces guests’ visibility.

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